Philip A. Pemberton, PhD; Senior Consultant, Biochemistry and Downstream Processing

Dr. Pemberton has approximately 30 years experience in research, including biochemistry, enzymology and commercial downstream processing of recombinant proteins. He received a PhD in protein biochemistry from the University of Cambridge, England and completed postdoctoral studies at Harvard Medical School.  Dr. Pemberton has commercial experience in biotechnology at LXR Biotechnology, Biomarin, Arriva Pharmaceuticals, and Serplus Technology. He has authored numerous publications in premier scientific journals and is an inventor on several issued patents in biotechology.

Charles K. Marlowe, PhD; Senior Consultant, Chemistry

Dr. Marlowe has more than 30 years experience as a research synthetic organic chemist. He received his PhD in organic chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley, followed by a NIH post-doctoral fellowship at Stanford University. Dr. Marlowe has worked in a number of fields including agricultural chemistry with Dow Chemical, biotechnology with Chiron Corporation (now Novartis Pharmaceuticals), and in medicinal chemistry with COR Therapeutics Inc. and Exelixis Inc. He has authored over 30 publications, and is holder of over 25 issued global and US patents.